Can you let me know more about the ssaw steel pipe?
Update Time:2016-09-14

How we produce ssaw steel pipe?

※ Oiled marking: 

Steel after passing wrer oiled to prevent corrosion,and according to user requirements for making.

※ Leveling Milling: 

The flat steel anvil machine so that the origal curl,and then thouth the edge milling machine for two-sided steel milling,so as to meet the requirements of the plate width,plate edge parallelism and groove shape.

※ Shear molding: 

The steel plate production line along the outer edge of the spiral curl into a tube.

※ Butt cut: 

Double-sided submerged arc welding using advanced technology to pre-welding,internal welding,outside wilding.The welded steel pipe using a plasma-foot cut to specification length.

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