What is the main applications of spiral steel pipe ( SSAW )?
Update Time:2016-09-26

Spiral pipe production can reflect the advantages of high quality and efficiency, long production potential than the increase of engineering management and quality supervision of the project. 


The use of spiral pipe production machine can improve the production efficiency, fast and efficient completion of the work, although it is a multi unit operation, the overall operation is simple, easy to control.

Spiral pipe is mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction in China. 

For liquid conveying: water supply, drainage. Gas, steam and liquefied petroleum gas for gas transmission. 

Used as a pile driver, as a bridge: pier, road, building structure, etc..Spiral pipe is a relatively wide range of use, can be applied in various industries, to meet a variety of gas, liquid transport, to achieve seamless transport.

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